This blog is laced with riddles, metaphors, memories, references, jokes, and double-meaning. From subtle acknowledgements of how different people have inspired each post, to my thoughts of specific memories, both good, bad, and everything in between, there is so much that I write about that lies beneath the surface, it makes my head hurt. Most of the time I’m the only one that sees it all, and usually have to explain myself. And because of how layered everything is, I have decided to give you an off-road map, in case you feel like trying to decode the extra bits and pieces.

  1. Each post is themed with a song/piece of literature/concept/etc. The theme typically goes with the topic at hand, but also adds depth to what I’m trying to convey about my thoughts, experiences, or myself. It could also be a reference to people, situations, jokes, or just things I like.
  2. Titles always matter.
  3. Timing makes sense. If you read each post in chronological order of when they are published, there is usually an attempt to link the newest post with the previous one in some way, shape or form. Most of the time it happens naturally, or it’s a lighthearted connection, but sometimes there’s hints of explanations, or references to previous posts or details.

In general, everything I include has a reason for being there, whether it be for fun, homage to another, or just a way of showing you who I am and how I am. I find myself constantly scanning my surroundings for patterns, symbolism, and connections, and I suppose that this blog should reflect that as well.

Happy hunting, and let me know if you catch any of my fireflies ♥♥