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Ba duba dop Ba du bop, ba duba dopBa du bop, ba duba dop Ba du, yeah-e-yeah “MMMbop represents a frame of time or the futility of life.”–Zac Hanson It reached international success in 1997…with it’s chorus literally a teeny-bop jingle of nonsense. It’s got an upbeat, optimistic sound, and according to one of it’s…

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Four Years In Review

18 Graduated high school Belgium w/Lulu–it was my first trip without parents Luxembourg w/Semra–the start of our best friendship, first time either of us hosteled Got stranded on the train with nowhere to go, and an almost dead phone–Tobias was my superhero Learned how to live in The Netherlands Ireland & England w/Sem Italy–first time…

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Not a Work of Art

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end”–Alex quoting John Lennon Happy December! Last time I wrote, I wasn’t in a good place. My control issues were controlling me, and nothing was going my way. All I wanted to do was throw in the towel, kiss Ireland goodbye,…

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Beauty & The Blues

In a melodramatic kind of way, you could say I’m going through my Blue Period. Usually when I’m going through harder times, it’s counterbalanced with something good in another part of my life to feed off of. But this is the first time where everything seems to have gone monochromatic, and I’m getting tired and frustrated…

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To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

“Well, what do you put into a contract for a real relationship?”–Lara Jean “Nothing. You gotta trust. You gonna break my heart Covey?”–Peter   Lately, I’ve been really self-absorbed. I bought two books, Conversations With Friends by Sally Rooney and Love and Other Consolation Prizes by Jamie Ford a few days ago because the plots and characters…

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