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The Back Page Chronicles

Three hooded figures walk into The Back Page, I was sipping a Bulmers, waiting for one of them. The first has black hair and hazel eyes. He’s about my height, and he’s from California. He was my teenage dream, my first real crush. We went on dates, refusing to call them so. He was my…

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How was your spring break?

Lille, France With our heads held high and voices as nasal as possible, we marched to France. It was our first time traveling together. Tía Maguiña is a stylish woman, mixing Spanish emotion with French elegance. Her food is amazing, and her house is charming and light. Thai on a Tuesday night, fairy lights twinkle…

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The funny thing about situations

Situations and storytelling, These Are a Few of My Favorite Things. Isn’t it bizarre, if you pay close attention to your situation or your circumstances, how quickly they change. And unless you spend time recounting the details of the transition between situations, they really don’t make any sense. How is it that at one moment…

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Blue skies despite stormy weather

One on one time. Lights. Trees. Sunrises. Hot tea and warm scarves. Laughter and conversation. Silence. Thunder Cake. Birds chirping. Being known. Breathing in, letting it go, and hanging on tight. I have a thing for the unindustrialized, the unstructured, the whimsical, and everything outside the lines. This week’s events were filled with hypnotic glittering circles…

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