From poems

Screaming Into Silence

Why are you doing this? I see a fire inside of you And you keep a bottle of gasoline by your bed Why are you doing this? You see a fire inside of her And you chop wood at midnight Why are you doing this? You would rather burn before a mirror Burn before daylight dulls your brightness Burn her before everyone finds out Burn me if I get too close I ran to the silver lake alone Alone at the bottom, sobbing It doesn’t have to be like this But it is

Too Much To Ask

Wrapped around my heart is a string of knots. Each knot is specially tied, one of a kind. Sometimes they are untied, and sometimes new ones are put in their place. And sometimes old knots become undone, just to be retied a year or two later. It’s been said that I never do something without reason, and it’s true. When I decide its time for one to come undone, my heart cracks just a bit. And my mind goes in circles, wondering. It doesn’t like losing knots, especially those that become weathered with time. I’ve gotten better at the untying…

Plane Poetry

Take me down to the Lowlands Where a colorful battlefield awaits Tell me who you are and where you’re from Thunder claps and tragedy strikes I find safety falling down the rabbit hole Then I dust off the dollar signs into broad daylight Take me down to the Lowlands Where a garden of daydreams awaits An Irish grin on a French Saturday Turquoise skies and I am nervously brave “Let’s jump off this bridge” he says Lose my necklace at the bottom of the seabed Take me down to the Lowlands Where a maze of emotions awaits Up the streets…

Particularly In Particular

Here I am A candle amongst flashing lights Accidentally curious Safe on the sidelines You poured your worries into a glass Eyes on me I heard it shatter free Fingers laced Minds encased An existential crisis painted on your face I held on, you didn’t hold back The way you spoke The questions you asked With you I ran faster Sprinted towards impending disaster Heart beating, lungs screaming Fast, furious, and fleeting Your impression hung While dreams come And now I know that Once in a lifetime Is just fine

Marble Cake

I am a marble cake, peppered with crystalized insanity Remember when Shakespeare said All the World’s a Stage? Pretty words and a pretty face mask a pretty boring place Ink run’s through my veins, and All the World’s a Page I once knew an honest man named Rob Emotions bleed out, and thoughts are sharpened…