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By George I think I’ve found it! I think I found the church that I’m meant to be a part of while I’m here in Dublin, and I feel so good and so relieved and so happy, I feel like I’m flying on the wings of Jesus. There are old people, young people, contemporary music,…

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Beginnings and Ends

Sublimation: a phase transition from a solid to a gas, without passing through an intermediate liquid state of being It’s been nearly a month since we left the torrent of Middelburg and began the adventure of Dublin. But where does this adventure actually begin? I can’t draw clear lines between one experience and the next,…

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How was your spring break?

Lille, France With our heads held high and voices as nasal as possible, we marched to France. It was our first time traveling together. Tía Maguiña is a stylish woman, mixing Spanish emotion with French elegance. Her food is amazing, and her house is charming and light. Thai on a Tuesday night, fairy lights twinkle…

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Defining My New Year

You know she played the fiddle in an Irish band/But she fell in love with an English man What a busy holiday season! A brief update: I finished my 5th semester of school and only have one more left, flew home for 12 days to enjoy Christmas with my family and friends in the States,…

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