I am a free spirit, with a need to roam the earth. At 22, I was an international student at a university in The Netherlands, worked at a hostel in Croatia, and lived in Dublin, Ireland, as an attempt “to find myself” post-graduation. After a solid amount of time rebuilding myself in my homeland of Southern California, I have accepted an invitation to join Peace Corps’ Thailand unit. What a special next chapter in my Book of Life, and I’m excited to share it with you! As is customary, the views shared about my experience are mine alone, and in no way reflect the attitudes of other Peace Corps members or the agency in general.

This blog serves as my canvas to express myself through whichever type of prose inspires me from moment to moment. Maybe what I write about will interest you, inspire you, confuse you, or challenge you. And maybe it won’t. I guess my hope is that someone will find some use of it. Whether it be a smile, a laugh, or a “I’m not the only one!” passing thought. Whatever it may be, if you can take something meaningful away from this, maybe someone else will, and in that case, please share, like, or follow it!

Thanks for reading some of my work, getting to know me, or just connecting in some small way,