a little bit about me

Fall break 2016

Hi I’m Krista!

I’ve been alive for 20 years now, and am incredibly idealistic. I have ideas and opinions about anything and everything, and enjoy learning about others’. My attention span is the same as a…

I moved to the Netherlands when I was 18 after residing in California my entire life. The move was the scariest, craziest, and most daring thing I have ever done. And it was totally worth it. I live with 9 incredible human beings that also go to uni with me. We are a family. Along the way I have met some curious characters throughout my travels, had some heart-wrenching breakdowns, and some of the most therapeutic and enlightening conversations at 2:37am on a Wednesday night.

This blog serves as a canvas for my thoughts, stories, feelings, discoveries, hopes and dreams. Maybe what I write about will interest you, inspire you, confuse you, or challenge you. And maybe it won’t. I guess my hope is that someone will find some use of it. Whether it be a smile, a laugh, or a #relateable “I’m not the only one!” passing thought. Whatever it may be, if you can take something meaningful away from this, maybe someone else will, and in that case, please share, like, or follow it!

I’d like to get to know you as well, so don’t be afraid to comment or send me a message 🙂