Four Years In Review


  • Graduated high school
  • Belgium w/Lulu–it was my first trip without parents
  • Luxembourg w/Semra–the start of our best friendship, first time either of us hosteled
  • Got stranded on the train with nowhere to go, and an almost dead phone–Tobias was my superhero
  • Learned how to live in The Netherlands
  • Ireland & England w/Sem
  • Italy–first time traveling solo to a country I’d never been to nor knew the language
  • Finished first year of college before I turned 19


  • Sacramento & Davis–Greyhound bus experience & Kyle’s freshman dorm
  • Random internship w/Lindsay
  • Car crash–silently saw our lives flash in front of us while the car was spinning, most beautiful sunset I had ever seen
  • Scotland in October: searching for the Northern Lights by myself
  • Germany–Welcome Lulu back from her year in New Zealand
  • Started Roosevelt Runners w/Emma
  • Semra visits California for New Year
  • Jumped into the world of dating
  • 26 min 5k on 3 hours of sleep from entire weeekend
  • Budapest: met some really cool roomies


  • Early birthday present: Denmark & John Mayer
  • Hostel work in Croatia: aged 5 years
  • Switzerland–scammed $1,000
  • Germany & Lowlands Music Festival w/Emma
  • Budapest–Eva, her family, and her dogs
  • Disappointed with boys and swear off dating
  • Maastricht w/Sem–went down her memory lane from childhood
  • Roosevelt Runners host first race & meet Amsterdam Running Junkies
  • 10k in Amsterdam that injures my knee for a year
  • Iceland w/Maguiña & Emma
  • Start podcasting with Mars
  • France w/ Maguiña & her extended family
  • Walk the Moon concert w/Mars
  • Batavieren race: Roosevelt Runners biggest accomplishment before we graduate


  • Birthday bash at Anneke & Bram’s
  • submitted final thesis on Russian Foreign Policy in the Arctic
  • Greece w/Sem
  • Graduation
  • London w/Brooke
  • Italy w/Mieke
  • Move to Dublin homeless & jobless
  • Start dating again
  • Understand “real world” of rent, cooking & cleaning
  • Foroige–find out I love working with young people
  • Move back to California unexpectedly


Is this just for a few months and then I’ll head back to The Netherlands? Is this going to last longer than a few months, so I’ll have to think about getting a car? Is this going to be the beginning of a career? Am I going to want to settle? Where will I end up? How will this compare to what I’ve already done? Will I be happy? I have two job interviews and possible legal work experience lined up for me to look into once my plane lands in LAX. I have no idea what’s going to happen next.

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