Four Years In Review


  • Graduated high school
  • Belgium w/Lulu–it was my first trip without parents
  • Luxembourg w/Semra–the start of our best friendship, first time either of us hosteled
  • Got stranded on the train with nowhere to go, and an almost dead phone–Tobias was my superhero
  • Learned how to live in The Netherlands
  • Ireland & England w/Sem
  • Italy–first time traveling solo to a country I’d never been to nor knew the language
  • Finished first year of college before I turned 19


  • Sacramento & Davis–Greyhound bus experience & Kyle’s freshman dorm
  • Random internship w/Lindsay
  • Car crash–silently saw our lives flash in front of us while the car was spinning, most beautiful sunset I had ever seen
  • Scotland in October: searching for the Northern Lights by myself
  • Germany–Welcome Lulu back from her year in New Zealand
  • Started Roosevelt Runners w/Emma
  • Semra visits California for New Year
  • Jumped into the world of dating
  • 26 min 5k on 3 hours of sleep from entire weeekend
  • Budapest: met some really cool roomies


  • Early birthday present: Denmark & John Mayer
  • Hostel work in Croatia: aged 5 years
  • Switzerland–scammed $1,000
  • Germany & Lowlands Music Festival w/Emma
  • Budapest–Eva, her family, and her dogs
  • Disappointed with boys and swear off dating
  • Maastricht w/Sem–went down her memory lane from childhood
  • Roosevelt Runners host first race & meet Amsterdam Running Junkies
  • 10k in Amsterdam that injures my knee for a year
  • Iceland w/Maguiña & Emma
  • Start podcasting with Mars
  • France w/ Maguiña & her extended family
  • Walk the Moon concert w/Mars
  • Batavieren race: Roosevelt Runners biggest accomplishment before we graduate


  • Birthday bash at Anneke & Bram’s
  • submitted final thesis on Russian Foreign Policy in the Arctic
  • Greece w/Sem
  • Graduation
  • London w/Brooke
  • Italy w/Mieke
  • Move to Dublin homeless & jobless
  • Start dating again
  • Understand “real world” of rent, cooking & cleaning
  • Foroige–find out I love working with young people
  • Move back to California unexpectedly


Is this just for a few months and then I’ll head back to The Netherlands? Is this going to last longer than a few months, so I’ll have to think about getting a car? Is this going to be the beginning of a career? Am I going to want to settle? Where will I end up? How will this compare to what I’ve already done? Will I be happy? I have two job interviews and possible legal work experience lined up for me to look into once my plane lands in LAX. I have no idea what’s going to happen next.


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I'm a California girl who wears her heart on her sleeve and always has her head in the clouds. I currently live in the Netherlands and am attending university at a small honors liberal arts college in the south. I have an artist's soul, a corny sense of humor, and a ravenous mind that hunts down the meaning of life everywhere I go. I love traveling, learning, questioning, experiencing, and am an anthropology and political science major who loves to write and make up stories about the absurdity of the world we live in. Like reading my posts? Please follow!

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