By George I think I’ve found it! I think I found the church that I’m meant to be a part of while I’m here in Dublin, and I feel so good and so relieved and so happy, I feel like I’m flying on the wings of Jesus. There are old people, young people, contemporary music, great sermons, are incredibly friendly and welcoming, and have a ton of different languages and nationalities present. It’s not too big, not too small, and seems to be growing rapidly while keeping it’s feet firmly planted in what matters most about teaching the Word of God. And even though I have only attended two services, those two services blew me out of the water, and I’d like to share the one from today. Because the one that he talked about today felt like it was God talking directly to me in relation to what’s going on in my life. And when uncanny things like that happen, you know you’ve found a good place to be.

Today’s sermon was about walking in Jesus’s footsteps. He opened with a joke about trading your career in to become a carpenter, growing one’s hair out, and wearing sandals no matter the weather. I think that’s a great start.

But what he really meant, was that as Christians, the way we show our faith and commitment to Him is to serve others. And he outlined them in three concise points:

  1. Those who serve are trusted
  2. Those who serve are tested
  3. Those who serve are rewarded

And as Pastor John pointed out in his linguistic bits thrown into his sermon (which by the way are always a plus with me) he introduced me to the Greek word: Diakonos, to serve.

  • Dia: through, throughout, or thoroughly
  • Konos: dust, dirt, or earth

So quite literally, as a waitress, or a server, my job is to be pulled thoroughly through the dirt. Men toss inappropriate innuendo at me, and people speak to me rudely, impatiently, or don’t even have the decency to make eye contact whilst ordering me about.  How encouraging.

But his points that he was discussing really stuck with me. Miracles don’t just happen, sometimes we have to put in some work, and God puts in his. So while I’m waiting for my miracles of finding my place, purpose, and social sphere in Dublin, I’ve been serving others either through waitressing, or through my youth center work at Foróige. And if I change how I view dealing with shitty customers as me serving Christ rather than these scumbags (because Jesus loves scumbags too!), my attitude changes immensely and work becomes slightly more tolerable.

And yes, there are rewards. This church would definitely count as one (I’ve been looking for so long!), and volunteering at the youth center brings about another. While my job is to connect with these 10-12 year olds and serve them, I have a feeling that they’re going to impact me more than I could ever impact them. And that’s all the reward I could ask for.

But the most important reward for me to remember, is that dark days don’t last forever. Things will turn around, and for a couple of weeks now, they have. What a wonderful Christmas present!



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