Christmas Eve in July

Last night I watched Love, Rosie. If you haven’t seen it, don’t bother, as it wasn’t anything special. But for every reason why it wasn’t special, that’s the reason why I went to bed last night feeling like tomorrow would be Christmas.

The plot’s time span is about 20 years, in which you see two teenage friends who are secretly in love, grow up and lead separate lives, all the while checking in with what the other is doing. And just like every other chick flick, yes, Lily Collins and Sam Claflin do end up together. But that’s besides the point.

The point is that I love movies (One Day is also quite similar), stories, and real life people, who can tell me how their lives went. Movies are fun because you get to live 20 years in 2 hours, and feel all the joys and losses that the characters feel, when the characters feel them.

In Rosie’s (Collins) part of the story, she had dreams of going to school in Boston for hotel management, open her own hotel, get married at 27, and then start a family. She didn’t think she’d end up having a baby right before the big move to Boston. If you had told 18 year old Rosie that she would one day marry her baby daddy after five years of no contact, she probably would have laughed.

What gets me so excited over movies like these, is just coming up with all of the ideas about where my life will go. If you had told me exactly three years ago when we were visiting Dublin on a cruise that I would one day move there with my two best friends, I also would have laughed. That only happens in movies. Or sitcoms.

But here I am, three years later, fully graduated with nowhere to go but up. Tonight, we officially sign our lease! Soon Semra will join us, and we will be one happy little family with three incomes to support our overpriced lives holed up in a two closet apartment. But we’re 15mins walk north of the River Liffey, so that’s got to count for something.

Who knows what will happen next. Will I get a phone call asking for a place to stay from a friend from long ago? Will an ex-lover suddenly pop up on my doorstep wanting to grab a coffee? What happens when the past meets the present? Or maybe the past will stay in the past, and a new set of characters will be introduced and I’ll suddenly find myself in a penthouse suite. Will I stay in Ireland for more than a year? Will I move back to the States? The Netherlands? Someplace completely new? Will I know what and where I want to do a master’s program? Maybe in four months time you’ll catch me backpacking around Australia with Alex.

All I know is that last night I went to bed with so many ideas about the future. And I woke up this morning knowing that the future is one signature away from starting.

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