Where Are You Now?

Baby don’t you cry
I don’t have enough tears to carry us both
Strength pushes us forward
Love does not smother
You are more than what I can offer
To be free
Even if it’s not with me

Daylight is near
And I must disappear
It tears me apart
To break both our hearts

Baby don’t lose me
You will be found
Baby don’t forget me
I will remember you
Baby don’t blame me
I hope I did you right



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I'm a California girl who wears her heart on her sleeve and always has her head in the clouds. I currently live in the Netherlands and am attending university at a small honors liberal arts college in the south. I have an artist's soul, a corny sense of humor, and a ravenous mind that hunts down the meaning of life everywhere I go. I love traveling, learning, questioning, experiencing, and am an anthropology and political science major who loves to write and make up stories about the absurdity of the world we live in. Like reading my posts? Please follow!

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