Mind, Body, & Spirit

Happy March!

The weather is finally getting warmer, and it’s wonderfully light at 7 in the morning again. Yesterday I was biking to work and saw one of the most spectacular sun rises of the year so far. Really makes me want to grab Emma and go on a sunrise run like we used to. Speaking of running, I’ve been a bench warmer for the past month and a half, battling either stressed knee tendons, or that nasty virus that’s been going around. This week I was knocked off my ass with a 40 degree temp (104F) that came from just about nowhere and have spent the week getting better and juggling school with sickie delirium, fun times. As soon as I’m ready to run again, my body decides to handicap itself, and I’m tired of it acting like a jail cell. Reminds me of past debates over the definition of free will and what that entails. When we think of our bodies, we typically see them as engines that enable us to act out our choices, but sometimes they can also act as restraints. It’s a good lens change for me, but I’d much rather like to not feel trapped. I digress.

Things are changing, and life keeps moving me along. Last night Mars and I released our first episode of Sixth Semester Shenanigans, a podcast for our school that we’ve been working on for the past few weeks. You can tune in with our school’s radio station every Friday at 6pm Dutch time by clicking here. Or you can cheat and listen to it on my SoundCloud here. My experience playing around with radio journalism has been quite fun, and I’ve really enjoyed trying on all the different hats: host, producer, editor, writer, PR, I feel like a chameleon. Last week I sat down with some professors that are former journalists to idea exchange and geek out a bit. They were quite charming, and very helpful. My world domination has already begun, get ready.

More exciting news: Mars and I booked our plane tickets and set an official Moving Day! July 11th we have a one-way ticket to Dublin, and hope to start our gap year out nice and slow by throwing ourselves face first into the chaos of starting over. I have a half-filled out visa app sitting next to me as we speak. I still haven’t convinced Mars to stay longer than about 6 months though. It’ll be strange living in a new country utterly alone, but I’ve got plenty of time to adjust to that thought, first I need to actually move there. Reminds me of moving to Middelburg all those years ago…funny how circular life can be.

And finally, an attitude adjustment! It’s been a year since I was almost heartbroken (you can even relive my poor heartache via the Archives), and I’ve been thinking about that the past few days. My how so much changes in a year! I’ve spent the past 7 months stubbornly hating men and believing in pragmatism: picture a sour old nun slut-shaming every happy couple that walks by. But then sometime about a month ago, I had had enough, and decided to change that mindset. With a healthy dose of rom-coms, friend talks, and chocolate, I’ve found the dewy-eyed 16-year-old who excitedly imagines the characteristics of the next pretty boy to catch my attention. I hope he won’t be as troublesome as the last ones, but hey, summer’s coming…



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