The funny thing about situations

Situations and storytelling, These Are a Few of My Favorite Things.

Isn’t it bizarre, if you pay close attention to your situation or your circumstances, how quickly they change. And unless you spend time recounting the details of the transition between situations, they really don’t make any sense. How is it that at one moment I am chatting with a Scottish guy on the balcony of the hostel that I worked at in Hvar, and the next I am eating lunch with classmates in the UN’s cafeteria in Geneva? In a matter of hours, I’ve switched countries, languages, cultures, activities, and mindsets. And even more mind boggling to contemplate, is if you consider someone else’s situations, and wonder if perhaps your situations overlapped at one point in time, and you would have been none the wiser.

I’ve found myself in the most random of situations, but the one that I find the most amusing to ponder, was the night before I left for home for the holidays.

I had asked Amrit if I could crash at his place before flying out of Amsterdam the next morning. Just two months prior to that, I had no idea he existed. And here he was, an almost stranger, being kind and opening his home to me, all because of our shared love for running. Like all of my running friends, I asked him his story, and we got to talking. I told him about how I worked at a hostel in Hvar from the end of May until the middle of July, and he told me that he and some of the Junkies went to Hvar for a day in June as well. And then I had a thought.

Sem and I were in Hvar every day for the month of June. When he and the crew got off their catamaran, we could have very well been down there showing a guest where to buy catamaran tickets. We could have brushed shoulders through the crowds of people. Or perhaps I looked right at them, scanning them as part of the scenery while looking for Sem, just a few of the many impersonal faces I see everyday. And at the time, I wouldn’t have known that four months later we’d become acquainted because of the running event Emma and I hosted, and then six months later I’d be chilling on his couch, drinking tea and trying to convince him how good Black Mirror is the night before I fly back to the US.

Maybe I passed by a future housemate when I was walking the streets of Budapest in March. Or perhaps I saw my future husband walk by when I was in a piazza in Florence two Aprils ago. Or maybe someone at Alyssa’s birthday party last year will become a good friend of mine once I move to Dublin. What if the person sitting behind me right now will read this post, and realize they were the person sitting behind me when I wrote this? Omg my brain hurts. People are everywhere and it wouldn’t surprise me if I’ve passed by the same blank face more than once, but it’s so bizarre to contemplate how that blank face could one day become a person with a name, and a story for me to listen to.

There really is no point to this post, other than how ironic situations can be, and how you never know who’s lives have crossed your path, or whether they will have any significance in the future. I guess part of the novelty of life is uncovering these surprises.


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