Month: January 2018

Green, like American money

Oh there’s no time to sleep/oh, living in a dream/ in your eyes When is a part of you “you”, and when is a part of you “your culture”? I’ve always been the ambitious type, and a few months ago, Mars Bars complimented me by saying I influence them to be ambitious as well. Considering…

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The funny thing about situations

Situations and storytelling, These Are a Few of My Favorite Things. Isn’t it bizarre, if you pay close attention to your situation or your circumstances, how quickly they change. And unless you spend time recounting the details of the transition between situations, they really don’t make any sense. How is it that at one moment…

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Defining My New Year

You know she played the fiddle in an Irish band/But she fell in love with an English man What a busy holiday season! A brief update: I finished my 5th semester of school and only have one more left, flew home for 12 days to enjoy Christmas with my family and friends in the States,…

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