Stardust, Starbucks

“This means that you have to take us out on a date because now you’re rich, and you can be our sugar mommy”–Emma

Alright, you knew it was coming: A blog post about the blogging job that I just landed. Talk about your Russian doll set.

Essentially, I spent this weekend hiding in my room. I was socialized out from five intensive days studying geopolitics in every direction imaginable, and spent a lot of time with my classmates after hours. And if I wasn’t hanging out with them, or sleeping, or going to school, I was hanging out with Tjabbo, or chatting with people in my building. This “fear of missing out”, mixed with a “why not” attitude left me drained, dead, and slightly sick. I needed a weekend in which I locked myself up and avoided human interaction at all costs. However, messaging me from behind a phone screen was acceptable. Especially if I was the one initiating most of the contact (Sorry Sem haha).

And as per biannual tradition, when I give myself an unlimited amount of time to think, I obsess into my quarter life crises of “what am I going to do with myself now?!”. That was last night for me. My first question of “what am I going to do this winter break?” turned into “I need a job” to “what am I going to do after I graduate?”. Citizenship, permanent residence, passports, visas, and internships were some of the many buzz words spinning around in my head. And to overcompensate for my many ideas and options that I concocted: Peace Corps, workaway, working-holiday visas, entering the professional world, masters programs, etc. I began to google and email like nobody’s business. Suddenly I had applied to several internships/jobs on, I had sent out emails to hostels in Amsterdam, Queenstown, and Melbourne. I was thinking about sending some to London, but remembered that Azzurra might be able to help me out there. I was on overdrive and worrying like usual. “What if I have to move back to the U.S.? What if I have to enter the professional world prematurely?” I know that my time here in Europe is far from over, and I know that at 21, I will not be ready to strap down into building a serious career. But I also know that I’m not ready to go to grad school yet.

There are four pieces of advice that have been drilled into me since my first semester when these crises began:

  1. Do what you want to do
  2. Don’t compare yourself to others
  3. Everything will work itself out
  4. Your mind will change, and its ok

And thankfully, as each quarter life crisis comes and goes, my reaction to them lessens, and slowly I am believing the above 4 points. Maybe one day I’ll be able to seamlessly transition from one project into the next.

Landing this job with Starbucks was the epitome of “lesson learned”. I applied Sunday night, was scheduled for an interview this afternoon, and then 30 mins later was told I had the job. I love writing, and to be able to do what I love to do for fun, as “work” and get paid for it, was a dream come true. Usually my American citizenship costs me the job, or my location in Middelburg turns people off, or the fact that I am a student with an inconsistent schedule earns me a rejection. But this job, this job was ok with my situation. How refreshing!

So there I was, sitting on a bench under a tree that I could not name (I’m pro at bench warming btw) in Geneva’s botanical gardens, awaiting my verdict. And then I was beyond ecstatic to receive a yes. And it came so much easier than the others. I didn’t have to tediously rework my schedule or research the legality behind my eligibility. Almost as if it happened naturally. And that brings me to my last and final lesson learned (compliments of Shanice):

5. If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen.

And yes, this job is the missing puzzle piece, perfectly placed. This job allows me to continue traveling in my free time, both because I’ll have a steady income, and because it’s transportable. It was meant to travel the world with me! It allows me to prepare for life outside of university, and most importantly, it takes something I love to do and makes it useful. I’m officially a sponsored writer!

(Get over the fact that it’s Starbucks, you’re going to wish you had my access to coffee during finals week ♥)

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