Particularly In Particular

Here I am
A candle amongst flashing lights
Accidentally curious 
Safe on the sidelines

You poured your worries into a glass
Eyes on me
I heard it shatter free 
Fingers laced
Minds encased 
An existential crisis painted on your face
I held on, you didn't hold back
The way you spoke
The questions you asked

With you I ran faster 
Sprinted towards impending disaster 
Heart beating, lungs screaming
Fast, furious, and fleeting

Your impression hung
While dreams come
And now I know that 

Once in a lifetime
Is just fine



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I'm a California girl who wears her heart on her sleeve and always has her head in the clouds. I currently live in the Netherlands and am attending university at a small honors liberal arts college in the south. I have an artist's soul, a corny sense of humor, and a ravenous mind that hunts down the meaning of life everywhere I go. I love traveling, learning, questioning, experiencing, and am an anthropology and political science major who loves to write and make up stories about the absurdity of the world we live in. Like reading my posts? Please follow!

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