shooting stars, story telling, and a sweeter disposition

So a few nights ago I sat down with a small group of guys desperately hoping they would have something interesting to say, and within the first 20 seconds of listening in on their conversation, I was sorely disappointed. Their conversation consisted of Viagra and male strippers. I was trying to come up with a decent excuse to get myself out of what would be a waste of my time, but they were quicker. Suddenly the topic changed to philosophy, geeky series and recommendations, and then…science. Ryan left the conversation, and I became intrigued.

Fast forward 48 hours, and I find myself chilling on a beach, stargazing, and laughing at their silly stories with two other guests and Azzurra. Turns out they are the epitome of British comedy, witty banter, and sassy commentary, among many other things. Now mind you, there have been several guests that have come and gone that I enjoyed spending time with, but these three were different. They had an intelligent sense of humor, nerdy fun facts that rivaled my own, curiosity that fueled my own, and most importantly: humility. While every other male in the hostel was busy peacocking around trying to get laid, these three were making fun of their (allegedly) poor flirtation skills. They also weren’t the annoyingly “intelligent” people that never shut up about how many degrees they have or lectured me on some great life lesson they learned. They were intelligent and funny, without the arrogance to tarnish it. It was refreshing to say the least, and I was sad to see them leave.

I could continue to sit here and ramble on about how much I liked these dweebs, but I promise there is a point to this story (and as my dad would say, that point is very sharp. Happy Father’s Day!) . But I guess what I’m trying to say, as I sit here fighting sleep deprivation, is that even when I’m feeling pessimistic about the type of guests that are arriving now, if I give someone more than 20 seconds to impress me, I might be pleasantly surprised. If I had left that conversation at Viagra, then I would have missed out on so much more, and that would have been unfortunate. I should also probably be less judgmental, less presumptuous, and overall generalize less. But this is a party island and a party hostel, during prime party season. To an extent, its more than reasonable to expect a specific “type” of guest. But this isn’t a post meant to criticize myself for my shortcomings, it’s meant to celebrate my overcoming them (at least this once) and then bask in its reward: a gezellig memory, time well spent, and some new friends!

P.S. I have so many more things to comment and reflect on, like how I have 3 unwritten poems stuck in my head, but refuse to organize themselves into words and stanzas, how I had a random cry two evenings ago about being afraid that I’ll lose my passion for the things I love, conveniently at the most inconvenient time, or how I’m noticing the change of dynamics and atmosphere we as the hostel staff have. Our team chemistry is changing colors, and its fascinating to feel and observe it. But I’m also very tired, and have many, many more things on my mind to think about. Such as timing our next off day well enough so we can go to Dubrovnik, get advice on how to improve my customer service skills within the context of cultural differences, and blah blah blah. But I am very tired, so I will go to bed, and leave the flowery language for another time. At least I put something down! I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed with things to think about again, and feelings to translate…but I suppose that’s just the story of my life 🙂




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