Month: June 2017

Particularly In Particular

Here I am A candle amongst flashing lights Accidentally curious Safe on the sidelines You poured your worries into a glass Eyes on me I heard it shatter free Fingers laced Minds encased An existential crisis painted on your face I held on, you didn't hold back The way you spoke The questions you asked…

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Marble Cake

I am a marble cake, peppered with crystalized insanity Remember when Shakespeare said All the World's a Stage? Pretty words and a pretty face mask a pretty boring place Ink run's through my veins, and All the World's a Page I once knew an honest man named Rob Emotions bleed out, and thoughts are sharpened…

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Change is in the air

The type of people staying in the hostel is changing, just as Zelli said it would. Maybe it’s my lack of interest in who has come and gone, but I haven’t engaged in as many thought provoking conversations as I did a week ago, well, at least I think it was a week ago. Now…

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Windows of opportunities

Now that I’ve had some time to get used to the structure and schedule of how things work around here, I can start turning my attention to other things on my mind: making the most of the opportunities and resources presented to me. Networking, idea sharing, knowledge leeching: I’m a supporter of all of the…

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